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How Martial Arts Teaches Children The Importance Of Self-Control​

December 10,  2019

Self-control is one of the most important traits to have as a person. Knowing yourself and knowing what you are capable of in certain situations, this comes in handy in every situation of life. It’s good to master self-control early, as children, so that later on, as adults, we know ourselves a little better.


One great way to learn and practice self-control is in the martial arts gym. Children’s martial arts classes teach students many lessons and impart many benefits that have a profound effect on daily life. Learning how to control yourself is an essential teaching in martial arts.

This is most especially important in children, as self-control isn’t a lesson that is taught much in academics. The first step to learning and practicing self-control is understanding what we are capable of physically and mentally. Martial arts is the perfect vessel for practitioners to dive deep into their capabilities and learn what they can and cannot do.


Once we understand what we are capable of, we learn how we affect the world through our actions.


Throughout our lives, we will be faced with many situations where we have to exhibit self-control. It’s good to pick up this quality early in our lives so we can properly apply it later on as adults.


Want your child to learn self-control? Here’s how you can achieve that by enrolling them in martial arts class. Today, Evolve Daily shares four ways martial arts teaches kids the importance of self-control.

1) Teaches Kids the Basic Lesson of Cause and Effect

The importance of cause and effect cannot be understated. Children have to understand that our actions have a corresponding effect. Once we begin to understand how our actions shape the world around us, then we can better understand how we can control our actions. This is an important element of self-control.


Throughout their time in martial arts training, children will explore and discover how their actions affect the world around them.


Learning how to use their body weight to control opponents in wrestling, performing transitions and advances to set up submissions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or using angles to create openings in Muay Thai — these are just some examples of how techniques in martial arts show the relationship between cause and effect.


Once children get a better grasp of how they can mold the result of their matches, then they can better understand this basic concept. It will then apply later on in life when they are faced with situations in school or in the office.

I noticed big changes after my 12 year old daughter took martial arts lessons after only a few weeks. She was more confident and wanted to be more active. I love her positive attitude.

2) Helps Children Become Better Decision-Makers

Making decisions is a part of life. And throughout the course of our lives, we will be faced with many situations where we have to make decisions, some of them crucial.


Related to cause and effect, martial arts promotes teaching practitioners to think first before acting. To determine the best course of action by weighing the pros and cons is an important part of decision making for adults. And sometimes, it turns out that non-action is the best course of action.


The reality is that if we all just took the time to think first before acting, we will be able to make better, more sound decisions. Self-control is an essential human trait necessary to make good decisions, especially in the heat of the moment. That means decision-making plays a huge role in our lives.


The sooner our children realize this, the better.

3) Helps Kids Become Better Problem Solvers

This is a big one because every action has a consequence. What we choose to do in certain situations directly affects what happens next as a consequence of our actions. When children understand this, they understand how important self-control is in our lives.


By becoming better problem solvers, children can determine the best solutions. In turn, this works towards promoting better self-control because when children realize the best solutions, they don’t have to make rushed decisions.


For example, in situations where martial arts and self-defense is necessary, it is important that children recognize that what they choose to do will affect the outcome of a conflict. The same applies to problems and situations.

Problem-solving is an essential component to better self-control.

4) Empowers Kids with Discipline and Responsibility

Last but certainly not the least, martial arts empowers kids with discipline and responsibility, both of which give us better self-control.


The first one is really important because discipline is something that people often lack. Sticking to a health and fitness program, waking up early and on time, making better decisions when it comes to food and diet, these all require discipline.


Martial arts helps kids learn discipline because discipline in itself is an important lesson learned in martial arts training. You cannot be a martial artist without having enough discipline to perform well in training.


Furthermore, martial arts also empowers kids with a sense of responsibility. It unlocks many of their capabilities, both physically and mentally. Kids soon realize the extent of their abilities and what is possible. When they come to know this, they then understand the huge responsibility they have in possessing this power.


When children know and understand responsibility, they gain better self-control.

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